Cinematic iPhone & Android LUTs

Steven Zuber
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First things first, you are going to have so much fun playing around with these LUTs - I promise you this!

This bundle right here comes with a 25 minute workshop on how to colour grade your mobile footage with these LUTs and how to tweak them very simple.

It also includes some of my own iPhone video material where you can test things and get some inspiration.

I spent countless days developing these looks, testing them on 100s of mobile video clips.

It's the one product I believe will benefit many out there who are seeking an easy and time efficient way of colour grading their mobile footage.

What's included:

  • 15 Cinematic iPhone LUTs in .cube format
  • 25min Colour Grading Workshop with these LUTs
  • My own iPhone footage for you to test


The LUTs work with any software which can import CUBE files.

Therefore, it doesn't matter if you are using DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro or VN app.

Yep, it also goes with CapCut however you need to make sure to do it on the desktop app.
The mobile app doesn't seem to give you the option to import CUBE files.

Again, if you can import CUBE files into your editing software you are golden.

The LUTs have been tested on various iPhone and Android video clips.

No flat picture profile required, however it makes it easier to apply if saturation and contrast aren't as dominant.

Mastering the Art

For the best outcomes, try making the LUT a bit lighter and adjusting the contrast, highlights, and colours in your video to match your personal style.

Never expect that the LUT will just be perfect out of the gate. They will create magic, however, it might need some tweaking.

Optimal Usage

Even though these LUTs are made to work well with many types of footage, you'll get the best results if you use them with videos that were shot in a way that captures a wide range of colours and details.

Never EVER expect that a LUT will just assume what your desired outcome should be.

Make sure to always shoot in a well-lit environment (best during golden and blue hour).

If your subject is the main focus of the video, have proper lighting in place or face towards the sun.

Never shoot against the sun unless it's for an artistic purpose.

How to import the LUTs

DaVinci Resolve:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Final Cut Pro X:

VN Editor App:


Before & After Examples

Have fun creating and consider leaving a little review with 5 stars if you are enjoying the LUTs :-)


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Cinematic iPhone & Android LUTs

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